Adiabatic Cooling

Al Tayer Engineering HVAC division is providing a new innovative adiabatic cooling technology from OXYCOM, who has defined new standards for energy efficiency, which is now an ultimate choice of Green Buildings in the market. Focusing on energy saving and natural cooling, a variety of top quality products from OXYCOM are available to choose from that may suite your requirement in both residential and commercial air conditioning.


  • Unique, decentralized, compact AHU with 4 Seasons Oxycell X-changer indirect adiabatic cooling technology
  • Superior efficiency through all seasons
  • More than twice as efficient as an energy wheel
  • Meets the EU ErP Ecodesign 1253/2014 directive; eligible for EIA (NL).


  • Cooling and ventilation for big industrial and commercial spaces
  • Two-stage cooling principle: indirect/direct evaporative cooling
  • Lower temperaure and humidity of supply air
  • Up to 90% energy savings


  • Upgrade your existing cooling system and 30% energy savings
  • Oxyvap® core technology lowers inlet air temperature by as much as 25 °C
  • + 40% EER
  • Up to 40% peak loads reduction
  • Up to 96% lower CO2 emissions