Booster Pumps Sets

Booster pumps are used to increase/maintain the pressure within liquid circulation systems, either for specific applications fed by the systems that require the higher pressure, or for increasing the distance the system is required to carry the liquid at the circulation pressure. Our boosters Pumps sets meet changing capacity requirements with optimal efficiency. Water booster pumps in residential application are required when the pressure and flow rate delivered at individual plumbing fixtures fail to meet code requirements. The operation of the pumps is controlled by Pressure transducers or by pressure switches. VFD drives can also be added to booster pumps sets to save energy and to eliminate its cost and maintenance.


Dooch-Leading manufacturer of energy efficient water pump/VFD. Dooch pumps are the pioneers in the manufacture of 100% stainless steel water pumps and VFD.


Max Flow (Q): 90m3/hr

Max Head (H): 245m

Maximum Power : 0.75kW – 22kW (1-30Hp)

Available Power : 3PHx380Vx50Hz


Water supply systems

Irrigation systems

Water treatment systems

Industrial plants

  • Each pump are individually controlled by drive.
  • High reliability (Multi-master control).
  • Constant discharge pressure.
  • Reduced tank and panel size .
  • Less wear of the system during operation.
  • Compact assembly and installation.
  • High reliability with an installation of two pressure transmitter.
  • Booster Pump Set Consist of Isolation Valve, Non Return valve, Strainers, Flexible Connectors, pressure Vessel and control panel.
  • Connection of up to 6 pumps.
  • All Assembled on a common base plate.