Transfer Pump Sets

Water transfer pumps create a difference in pressure, which moves fluid from one location to another. The Transfer Pumps applications ranging from low capacity residential use to high volume industrial use. In residential Applications, This is used to lift water from one tank to another, may be from a ground tank to an overhead tank. Either the float switch kept on the overhead tank or timers controls the operation of the pumps. If the pump is controlled by float switch, the pump will start when the float is at a lower level and stop when it is at a higher level. If timers control the pumps, the pump will continue to work as per the timer settings.


Dooch- Leading manufacturer of energy efficient water pump/VFD. Dooch pumps is the pioneers in the manufacture of 100% stainless steel water


Max Flow (Q): 90m3/hr

Max Head (H): 245m

Maximum Power : 0.75kW – 22kW (1-30Hp)

Available Power : 3PHx380Vx50Hz


Water supply systems

Irrigation systems

Water treatment systems

Industrial plants

  • Controlled by automatic Control Panel
  • High Flow and High Pressure
  • Float Switch Controls the Start and Stop of pump
  • Transfer pump set consists of Isolation Valve, Non Return valve, Strainers, Flexible Connectors, and control panel
  • Connection of up to 6 pumps
  • All Assembled on a common base plate