Cable Management System

CMD, a British Manufacturer Established in 1984, have become a multi-facetted company participating in a variety of sectors. CMD’s speciality is manufacturing and distributing office power – busbars, grommets, floor boxes, power modules; lighting control, desk ergonomics with complementary accessories & cable management solutions.


BS 6396 Electrical Systems in Office Furniture and Educational Furniture.
Electrical equipment and installations must be designed and tested to ensure their safety and to comply with statutory regulations, in particular the “Electricity at Work Regulations”. Relevant British Standards may be used as a means of demonstrating safety and compliance with the regulations. In the case of electrical systems in office furniture and educational furniture, the relevant standard for systems connected to the mains supply by means of a 13A plug is BS 6396.

  • Power – UK and International configurations
  • USB charging and data transfer
  • Audio and Visual options (HDMI, VGA, Phono and much more)
  • Data transfer
  • Cable management systems
  • Lighting Control Systems
  • Protection
  • Switching
  • Underfloor power distribution


This is the connector system for quick, easy, and safe installation. It meets all the requirements of modern energy distribution.


This installation connector system combines minimum dimensions with maximum flexibility.
gesis® MINI is ideal as a space-saving electrical installation system as well as for connections inside equipment or as an equipment connector – both outside and inside fixed installations.

Installation Connector gesis® MICRO (Installation Systems Indoor)

This connector system outside fixed installations enables equipment like luminaires in furniture and shelving to be connected securely and flexibly in an extremely easy and minimalistic manner.

Room Automation gesis® FLEX (Room Automation)

With its pluggable electrical connections, modularity, and decentralized installation, this device series brings industrial production and workmanship quality to the construction site. The most professional, simplest, safest, and fastest installation method for smart building on the market.

Round Connector RST® MICRO (Installation Systems Outdoor)

The RST® MICRO is optimized for the interface between voltage or current sources and LED modules. In addition, it is ideally suited for dimming or DMX applications. Due to its design data, even network applications do not pose a problem.

Round Connector RST® MINI (Installation Systems Outdoor)

The RST® MINI logically follows the trend toward compact designs. With its small dimensions, this installation connector can also be used in extremely confined spaces.
The RST® MINI is a complete installation system comprising connectors, device connectors, cable assemblies, and distributors.

Round Connector RST® CLASSIC (Installation Systems Outdoor)

The RST® CLASSIC round connectors are the all-rounders with the most extensive portfolio.
Available in 2-pole to 7-pole models.

Round Connector RST® POWER (Installation Systems Outdoor)

The RST® POWER series comprises high-current connectors for large cross-sections and is specifically aimed at equipment engineering.