Roof Lights

M/s Xtralite are the largest manufacturers of U.V. Protected Polycarbonate roof lights and structured glazing in the UK. They have a complete range of roof lights, both individual and continuous, with various shapes available. From standard roof lights, to tailor-made large area roof glazing. Xtralite products provide outstanding performance and aesthetics, resulting from many years of continuous development. All roof lights are manufactured to exacting standards using high quality materials to ensure durability and resistance to weathering.


The company continues to lead the industry, developing new innovations such as Nanogel® sheet technology. Nanogel® has now been re-branded as Lumira®

  • Standard, specialist and security roof lights.
  • Barrel vault glazing. / Structural, large area glazing i.e. large pyramids, ridgelites, domes etc.
  • Monopitch roof and north light glazing/ Lantern, ridge and pyramids & dome shaped roof lights
  • Smoke vent, roof access hatches and emergency opening units