Chilled Water Pumps

Chilled Water Pumps are used in AC application, multistoried buildings, air conditioning is based on chilled water principle. Chilled water pumps circulate the water through the pipes and heat exchanger. The units are generally large end suction or Horizontal split casing pumps running at 1450 rpm. The pumps are coupled with motors and supplied as one unit. All of these components are combined and customized in order to meet your system requirements. We deliver components for optimal performance, energy efficiency and reliability.


Ebara - world leader in the design and manufacture of centrifugal electric pumps for the industrial and domestic markets. EBARA Pumps Middle East FZE provides a wide range of 1.0 kW pumps to 10 MW pumps, which cover the widest spectrum for various applications ranging from water pumping, Waste Water to oil & gas industry


Flow : 8 to 1800 mᶾ/hr

Head : 160 to 8 m

Motor : 0.75 to 450 kW

Speed : 2,900 rpm

Flow : 4 to 2700 mᶾ/hr

Head : 2 to 95 m

Motor : 2.2 to 132 kW

Speed : 1,450 rpm

Liq. temp: -10 to 120°C 3ph, 50 Hz

Type: End Suction, Horizontal Split case


Circulation of Liquids

Condenser Water

Heating Water



Cooling Water

Pressure Boosting


Fire Protection


  • Easy removal and maintenance, BPO (Back Pull Out) system allows all rotating elements can be removed without disconnecting suction and discharge pipe work.
  • Top centerline discharge, foot support under casing for maximum resistance due to misalignment and distortions from pipe loads.
  • Non-overload design to ensure stable performance for all applications.
  • Wider range application with flow capacity up to 22 m3/min.
  • Higher working pressure up to 30 bar.